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Flipping Done Right

Walz Properties prides itself on taking old properties & making them beautiful again. From brand new/completely remodeled units, to a complete facelift on the outside, you will not be able to recognize these properties!

We start with once a tenant moves out, then we slowly rebuild from the inside. Depending on the condition of the unit, our maintenance team either completely remodels or rebuilds the interior layout.

Next we begin out outer process. New paint, repaved parking lot, new grounds layout.

These photos below showcase a few of the properties we have turned over.
The photo on the left is before, the photo on the right is after.

1855 Bayview Heights Dr. in Oak Park

4444 Kendall St. in Pacific Beach

Schedule Maintenance Requests Online!

One way Walz Properties sustains excellence in property management services is by constantly updating our amentities to better suit our resident's needs. One feature we offer our residents is scheduling maintenance requests online. From the convience of your home or work, you can now schedule maintenance requests through our website at Follow these three simple steps below to schedule a request:

1. From the link provided above, scroll down and type in your property name. Hit "Select" .

2. Select "Schedule Maintenance" on the right hand side.

3. Fill out the information. *

*Please make sure to mark if maintenance has permission to enter your dwelling without you home if applicable. Maintenance cannot enter a home with unspervised minors inside.

That is it! Please allow 24-hours for non emergency concerns. If an emergency arises, please call (619) 308-6854.

2018 Give Cancer the Boot!
Relay For Life is a public fundraiser for the American Cancer Society aiming to raise funds that go towards improving cancer survival rates as well as the quality of life for those with cancer & for their caregivers. Relay for Life occurs in over twenty countries & are hosted by local communites and campus universities worldwide.
Relay for Life Offical Logo
Socorro Calderon, a close relative to a Walz Properties employee, is the beautiful connection between Walz and Relay for Life. Socorro has been voluntering for years with American Cancer Society, getting local businesses to donate hundreds of dollars to this wonderful event. Socorro's team at Relay for Life was Team Jerry, honoring her husband who passed 10 years ago to cancer. Team Jerry was in full swing at Imperial Valley's Relay for Life this past April, selling tortas, waters, and banana bread to help raise money. Walz Properties were Bronze Sponsers for this year's Relay for Life, and have been donating on behalf of Team Jerry for the past 4 years.
Hope Banner Courtesy of Relay For Life of Imperial County
Walz Properties Joins the Golden Hill Clean Up Party

Walz Properties was a proud sponsor for the Golden Hill Clean Up Party on December 2, 2017. Walz Properties not only donated 50 event tshirts for volunteers, but also provided space for two snack stations at local apartment communities: 2580 C St. and 2720 Broadway. These snack stations provided volunteers an area to refill resusable water bottles, replenish with healthy snacks, get first aid and more clean up supplies, and take a breather.

Volunteers before heading out to clean the streets of Golden Hill

Volunteers before heading out to clean the streets of Golden Hill

Co-Hosts, San Diego Clean Up Parties and Golden Hill Community Development Corporate, organized the clean up party in the heart of Golden Hill from Golden Hill Park to the CA-94 and 28th St to 24th St. They were also able to collect a large dumpster filled with trash! Walz Properties is proud and happy to be a part of an event that brings together the community and raises awareness about waste. Golden Hill CDC will continue quarterly clean ups through their NEW Beautication Committee, and Walz Properties is excited to be a part of the next clean up: March 24, 2017!

Clean Up Party Organizers (left to right): Celeste, Erika, and Shannon

Walz Properties staff enjoying the event

Darker Nights Need Brighter Lights!

Walking anywhere at night is scary, not to mention unsafe, to most - especially if you are alone. But what's even worse is when you walk somewhere in complete darkness. This is something the Price Philanthropies Foundation (Price Charities) believes needs to change, specifically in San Diego's City Heights community. Through their City Heights Initiative founded back in 2000, Price Charities is combatting this issue head on as it "focuses on improving housing, retail, healthcare, education, social services, public safety, job opportunities, and other quality of life issues and services" around City Heights.

With help from City Councilman William Jones, founders Sol and Helen Price, and now son and daughter-in-law Robert and Allison Price, have donated more than just time and money to benefit the sixteen defined communities in City Heights.

So what does this have to do with Walz Properties?

The Walz Property team alongside Price Charities has come together to implement more street lights around City Heights and our apartment building at 3744 Marlborough Ave. This added light around City Heights will not only provide a safer neighborhood for our residents, but a stronger community as we all work together to put the street lights in place.

Final product design

The project is set to be underway by the end of the year although no final date has been confirmed.

If you want to learn more about the City Heights Initiative or the Price Philanthrophies Foundation or get involved, visit their website listed below!

Price Philanthropies Foundation Website

More Photos Please!

Want to see more photos of our San Diego County properties? Look no further! Be one of the first to follow the Walz Properties Instagram page! Alongside seeing photos of our 25 apartment complexes, you will also be one of the first to hear of open units, upcoming events, and new properties.

Through our new Instagram page, you can also see what other people have posted and are doing at each neighborhood by clicking on the 'location' of each property posted above each photo. Now, you can see even more benefits each apartment building has to offer! What could be better!

Want even more updates? Follow our Facebook Page here!

Pay Your Rent Online!

Recently, Walz Properties has decided to make our residents' lives easier by being able to pay rent online! In just four simple steps, residents will no longer have to worry about making sure they drop off their checks in time. This feature not only alleviates the timely burden of when leasing offices are open, but also gives our residents 24/7 access to their accounts and bills. Want to learn how to get started? Just follow the four quick and easy steps listed below:

1. Click on the "Residents" tab at the top

2. Type in the name of your residence and hit "Select"

3. Click on the "Pay Rent" tab

4. Log into your personal PayLease account and follow the directions as instructed

Need to pay rent right now? Click here!

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