Company Overview

Walz Properties has provided unparalleled property management services for apartment communities in the San Diego area for over 20 years. Since acquiring our first investment property in 1995, we have dedicated our careers to improving the assets in our portfolio with dedicated teams of experienced professionals focused on offering the highest standards of property management to our communities. With properties in Chula Vista, National City, San Ysidro, San Diego, San Marcos, Escondido and Vista, Walz Properties has the knowledge and experience of the market dynamics of Southern California to transform apartment complexes into communities that residents can call home.

Our Mission

At Walz Properties, we are committed to living and working in balance with our core values to manifest a cohesive, responsible and sensible approach to property management to serve our residents, team members and neighborhoods. Our vision is to create and maintain teams that provide excellent property management services in line with a series of core values designed to facilitate hospitality within our communities, including;

Core Values

Integrity: Walz Properties is committed to being honest, fair and reliable with our residents, staff and vendors by following the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior.

Respect: We celebrate respect as a cornerstone of a sophisticated society. By respecting the wellbeing, dignity, privacy of our residents, Walz Properties hopes to instill a stronger sense of wellbeing in our communities. That value extends to the professional organizations of the property management community, our teams and co-workers, and the communities where our properties are located.

Quality: We challenge ourselves to deliver the best experience to our residents and vendors. By striving for excellence through professionalism, accuracy, and continuous improvements to our properties and management practices, Walz Properties wants to be known as a company that provides superior services for their communities.

Efficiency: Technology and practices are constantly improving, and Walz Properties operates in a lean, economical manner that consistently does things right the first time.

Accountability: The willingness to look at our actions objectively take responsibility for the decisions of individuals and teams is a necessary function of any successful organization, and something we take very seriously at Walz Properties.

Teamwork/Collaboration: Teamwork is key to any successful venture, and the leadership of Walz Properties is committed to working with the on-site teams and vendors towards a common goals of providing our residents with a quality living experience.

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